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Communication is essential for learning play and social interaction

  • If a parent or is responsive to a baby’s signals and ‘takes turns’ in communicating with them from birth onwards, babies develop a secure attachment to the parent.

  • As parents we talk and listen to our child, which helps them develop and learn as well as forging close connections.

  • It is the means by which teachers teach and children learn. Imagine trying to learn and understand new information without the ability to listen, understand and talk…

  • If children can’t say words, they will be more likely to have difficulties in ‘sounding out’ words for reading and spelling or writing them down. If children can’t understand the words they hear, they will struggle to understand what they have read.

  • Many children with identified behavior needs have previously unidentified speech, language and communication needs. Imagine the frustration of not getting your message across.

  • Making and keeping friends is difficult if you have poor communication skills. Children often choose friends who are good at communicating, so children with difficulties are doubly disadvantaged

  • Children with communication needs often see themselves as less able and less popular than their friends. Young people identify good communication skills as important for feeling confident.